Welcome to Melina Mercouri café

The name of Melina Mercouri café is dedicated to the unforgettable Melina Merkouri. Mr. Andreas, a close friend of her for many years after having experienced many events during this friendship, had the deep desire after the necessary approvals and procedures that had to be done, to baptize this wonderful cafe bistrot with her name, as a minimum tribute.

Our Philosophy

Since 1999, Melina Mercouri café has hosted dozens of famous personalities from Greece and abroad, politicians, artists, businessmen. This is not another cafe bistrot but a meeting point of history. This is the reason why friends from all over the world visit it. An area that connects old Athens, the history of Melina, the political developments and the modern history of Greece. In Plaka. In an absolut Greek style.

A Family Place

The morning sun appears in the Athenian sky and the little streets of Plaka are still cool. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning and Melina Mercouri café is ready to welcome the passers-by for their morning coffee and those who would like to enjoy their breakfast in this magical, ancient neighbourhood. Mr Andreas and his son Stefanos have created a space in which one can taste delicious and modern cuisine throughout the day – and if someone’s appetite craves something more traditional, then the local “spoon sweets” are right there, both on our table and in our hearts.