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About Us

Melina Merkouri (Maria Amalia Merkouri, Athens, October 18, 1920 – New York, March 6, 1994) was a Greek actress and politician. She came from a reputed family of politicians. An actor honored with a number of international awards and a world-wide personality, she served as Minister of Culture in 1981-89 and 1993-94 in all PASOK governments, and as Andreas Papandreou stated, she also resisted all 16 government reshapings.

The name of Melina Mercouri café is dedicated to the unforgettable Melina Mercouri. Mr. Andreas, a close friend of her for many years after having experienced many events during this friendship, had the deep desire after the necessary approvals and procedures that had to be done, to baptize this wonderful cafe bistrot with her name, as a minimum tribute.

The procedures started in 1996 and eventually began operating in 1999. Since then he has hosted dozens of famous personalities from Greece and abroad, politicians, artists, businessmen. This is not another cafe bistrot but a meeting point of history. This is the reason why friends from all over the world visit it. An area that connects old Athens, the history of Melina, the political developments and the modern history of Greece. In Plaka. In an absolut Greek style. Mr. Andreas is here to welcome you with the well-known warm Greek hospitality. A historic site worth visiting. In every big city there is always a special place to enjoy your coffee. To hang out. To exchange views. In Athens this place is Melina.